KARAT-BARZILAI Construction and Development Ltd Specializes in the management and execution of the long-term projects and industrial construction, commercial and private construction works.

Two partners head the company:
Amir Barzilai, Practical Civil Engineer, graduate of the Management College, registered by the building contractor, and Yossi Karat, building professional with extensive experience, knowledge and modern advanced tools in the construction industry.
Each of the partners has built many fashion stores and held the positions of management and supervision of construction works.

Work is managed by a team in reliable, professional, thorough and use high quality materials with special attention on the planning it is true that in every step of the way under construction without compromise while creating a maximum match between a client's needs to the best possible way leading to construction experience enjoyable, fair, safe quality satisfaction.

Projects executed by the company

Construction of stores for FOREVER 21 chain in:
Haifa – Kiriyon | Beer-Sheva – Grand Mall | Jerusalem – Malcha Mall | Ramat Gan – Ayalon Mall | Ashdod – Big Fashion Site
Upgrade of FOREVER 21 store in Azrieli Mall – Tel Aviv
All the works for FOREVER 21 are turnkey projects.
Construction and onsite maintenance in Azrieli Mall – Tel Aviv / Hashalom Canyon Ltd.
Construction and on-site maintenance in Rehovot Mall of Malisaron Group.
Construction and on-site maintenance for Getter Group Ltd.
Crazy Line store chain.
Discreet store chain.
Marco Shoes chain.
Sweet Girls chain.
ENTER to store chain offices, Azrieli Mall, Tel Aviv.
Shulamit Offir Studio, Rehovot Canyon (Mall).
POPUP store, cleaning services, Hazahav Mall.
STORY store, Azrieli Mall Tel Aviv.
500 sq. m. Of office space in Rishon-Letzion, for TEFRON MACRO Company.